Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mystery Drink Revealed!

Today was the day.  After three days of 'easing in' to this regimen, I finally have begun the full-on lemonade diet.   Actually lemonade fast seems more appropriate, and I think would help dispel any myth that this is for weight loss.  Nonetheless, my first encounters with 'the drink' were not pleasant.  The after taste of the grade-b maple syrup was what rubbed me wrong.   Also, it was difficult to be at church while my mind was in such a heavy, low Calorie induced fog.  But we persevered... past the donut platter, replete with manifold baked goodies... past the fresh, brewed pots of Oddly Correct coffee... For some reason, home made pot-stickers and sushi rolls were set out today: an MBT first!   But we persevered... then all hell brake loose!  Chocolate cupcakes and a large chocolate sheet cake whose thick, moist bread was somewhat squashed under the weight of so much icing, settling o'er the top like a freshly fallen, heavy snow snow... But we persevered...

So far I have downed 3 cups of concentrated concoction.   I've already figured out that I don't need to dilute it nearly so much as recommended: that only prolongs the torture.   Just now, I've mixed up a new batch, another 2 cups.  But this time I added a single lime in place of one lemon.  Wow!  What a difference that makes!  The overall flavor us much, much better and the strong tartness of the lime even overwhelms the finish so that the drink is now beyond tolerable.

I guess this guy had it right all along.

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Percussivity said...

Put the lime in the coconut.