Monday, September 12, 2011

This Sucks

Possible symptoms of detoxification kicked in hard last night.  Hard like a punch to the face from Kimbo Slice.  Hard like flying into an SUV at 15+mph while on a bike.  I won't divulge all the nasty details, but the most debilitating one is the chronic, splitting headache.  It abated for part of the day but came back in force this evening, about an hour later than when it first hit last night.  Also the drink is becoming far less tolerable.  Even with the lime, I was unable to chug down the last little bit I took a run at.   But I'm going to go for one more day... like a recovering drug addict, I'll just have to take this day-by-day.

Okay, I'll mention one nasty detail.  I'm tired of playing "Fart or Explosive Diarrhea?"  I always take the safe bet on that one.

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