Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Eye of the storm?

The major symptoms seem to have subsided for now.  It was nice to wake up from a restful nights sleep and not have a headache at all today.  On the other hand, my appetite has picked up quite a bit and hunger pangs have been a bigger issue.  The lack of pain and nausea also means that my mind is more free to think about food!  Glorious food!  

Right now, I could really go for some Fritos and french onion dip.   Definitely one of the biggest challenges thus far was to prepare the family dinner... and then watch them eat!  Braised beef served aloft a mountain of veggies with the drippings cooked down to a nice sauce and drizzled over the whole lot... it smelled heavenly.  I think I really nailed the proportions of the veggies, too.  I tend to use too much onion a lot of time but this had a more balanced look to it.  No complaints from the fam as they stuffed their mouths in front of me.

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