Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Eye of the storm?

The major symptoms seem to have subsided for now.  It was nice to wake up from a restful nights sleep and not have a headache at all today.  On the other hand, my appetite has picked up quite a bit and hunger pangs have been a bigger issue.  The lack of pain and nausea also means that my mind is more free to think about food!  Glorious food!  

Right now, I could really go for some Fritos and french onion dip.   Definitely one of the biggest challenges thus far was to prepare the family dinner... and then watch them eat!  Braised beef served aloft a mountain of veggies with the drippings cooked down to a nice sauce and drizzled over the whole lot... it smelled heavenly.  I think I really nailed the proportions of the veggies, too.  I tend to use too much onion a lot of time but this had a more balanced look to it.  No complaints from the fam as they stuffed their mouths in front of me.

Monday, September 12, 2011

This Sucks

Possible symptoms of detoxification kicked in hard last night.  Hard like a punch to the face from Kimbo Slice.  Hard like flying into an SUV at 15+mph while on a bike.  I won't divulge all the nasty details, but the most debilitating one is the chronic, splitting headache.  It abated for part of the day but came back in force this evening, about an hour later than when it first hit last night.  Also the drink is becoming far less tolerable.  Even with the lime, I was unable to chug down the last little bit I took a run at.   But I'm going to go for one more day... like a recovering drug addict, I'll just have to take this day-by-day.

Okay, I'll mention one nasty detail.  I'm tired of playing "Fart or Explosive Diarrhea?"  I always take the safe bet on that one.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mystery Drink Revealed!

Today was the day.  After three days of 'easing in' to this regimen, I finally have begun the full-on lemonade diet.   Actually lemonade fast seems more appropriate, and I think would help dispel any myth that this is for weight loss.  Nonetheless, my first encounters with 'the drink' were not pleasant.  The after taste of the grade-b maple syrup was what rubbed me wrong.   Also, it was difficult to be at church while my mind was in such a heavy, low Calorie induced fog.  But we persevered... past the donut platter, replete with manifold baked goodies... past the fresh, brewed pots of Oddly Correct coffee... For some reason, home made pot-stickers and sushi rolls were set out today: an MBT first!   But we persevered... then all hell brake loose!  Chocolate cupcakes and a large chocolate sheet cake whose thick, moist bread was somewhat squashed under the weight of so much icing, settling o'er the top like a freshly fallen, heavy snow snow... But we persevered...

So far I have downed 3 cups of concentrated concoction.   I've already figured out that I don't need to dilute it nearly so much as recommended: that only prolongs the torture.   Just now, I've mixed up a new batch, another 2 cups.  But this time I added a single lime in place of one lemon.  Wow!  What a difference that makes!  The overall flavor us much, much better and the strong tartness of the lime even overwhelms the finish so that the drink is now beyond tolerable.

I guess this guy had it right all along.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mmmmmm... Paaaaancakes!

The smell of fresh, buttered pancakes roasting on the hot griddle even now is wafting from the kitchen over to the computer, where I am mostly through with an 8oz. glass of orange-pineapple-mango juice.  Or, as it is known today: breakfast.  There are 120 Cal per serving and a total of 7 servings in the 1.8qt carton of juice, or about half of the daily caloric intake that I need.   I suppose I may run up to the store and grab another.  Today is only juice, but not the full-on "lemonade diet".   It's going to be a rough day.  

Yesterday was only pulpy liquids, soups and juices.   No chewing allowed!   Thankfully there was no limit to quantity.  Two bottles of naked juice; one fresh, juice blend from the Filling station; three cans of soup; two martinis and at least a gallon and a half of Crystal Light drink saw me through the day.  It's amazing how much a person thinks about food when they aren't having any!

My beginning weigh-in yesterday was around 180lb, with 22% body fat and hydration of 57%.  This morning it was 177lb, 23% body fat and a hydration of 56%.  Go figure: after all that liquid I am now less hydrated than when I began!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Hello?  Hello?  Is this thing working?   *cough*   Whew!  It's a bit dusty.  Guess I should blog more often.  Or perhaps not.

I'm sitting here at Benetti's, taking a break from some angry coding and contemplating my last decaf breve.   Benetti's by far has the *best* decaf around, and they're right up there with their regular caps as well.  By why 'the last', you ask?  Just for a couple of weeks while I undertake an endeavor to complete... The Master Cleanse.  Thanks to Percussivity for telling me about this and how it not only jump started his weight loss but helped him feel quite a bit better.

Since I'm waiting for my ribs to heal up from being-tackled-by-an-SUV while biking incident, this seems like the perfect time to give it a shot.  Otherwise I'll just begin to plump up to portray a realistic Santa Claus this December.   Damned M&M's...   I'm not only hoping for weight control/loss during my down time, but I'm curious to see what sorts of other things might happen.  The internets are full of first-person testimonials of people who felt they benefitted from doing this.  So we'll see.  
So today begins the "ease-in": no meats, no dairy.  Well, just a little dairy... one, small decaf breve.  Tomorrow will be juice only and then Sat. begins the "real deal".