Thursday, September 8, 2011


Hello?  Hello?  Is this thing working?   *cough*   Whew!  It's a bit dusty.  Guess I should blog more often.  Or perhaps not.

I'm sitting here at Benetti's, taking a break from some angry coding and contemplating my last decaf breve.   Benetti's by far has the *best* decaf around, and they're right up there with their regular caps as well.  By why 'the last', you ask?  Just for a couple of weeks while I undertake an endeavor to complete... The Master Cleanse.  Thanks to Percussivity for telling me about this and how it not only jump started his weight loss but helped him feel quite a bit better.

Since I'm waiting for my ribs to heal up from being-tackled-by-an-SUV while biking incident, this seems like the perfect time to give it a shot.  Otherwise I'll just begin to plump up to portray a realistic Santa Claus this December.   Damned M&M's...   I'm not only hoping for weight control/loss during my down time, but I'm curious to see what sorts of other things might happen.  The internets are full of first-person testimonials of people who felt they benefitted from doing this.  So we'll see.  
So today begins the "ease-in": no meats, no dairy.  Well, just a little dairy... one, small decaf breve.  Tomorrow will be juice only and then Sat. begins the "real deal".

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