Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mmmmmm... Paaaaancakes!

The smell of fresh, buttered pancakes roasting on the hot griddle even now is wafting from the kitchen over to the computer, where I am mostly through with an 8oz. glass of orange-pineapple-mango juice.  Or, as it is known today: breakfast.  There are 120 Cal per serving and a total of 7 servings in the 1.8qt carton of juice, or about half of the daily caloric intake that I need.   I suppose I may run up to the store and grab another.  Today is only juice, but not the full-on "lemonade diet".   It's going to be a rough day.  

Yesterday was only pulpy liquids, soups and juices.   No chewing allowed!   Thankfully there was no limit to quantity.  Two bottles of naked juice; one fresh, juice blend from the Filling station; three cans of soup; two martinis and at least a gallon and a half of Crystal Light drink saw me through the day.  It's amazing how much a person thinks about food when they aren't having any!

My beginning weigh-in yesterday was around 180lb, with 22% body fat and hydration of 57%.  This morning it was 177lb, 23% body fat and a hydration of 56%.  Go figure: after all that liquid I am now less hydrated than when I began!

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