Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 In Review

After taking the year off, this year it was definitely time to reflect on the past year and prognosticate the upcoming one, like the double-faced Roman God Janus, for whom the month of January is named after.   I've seemed to be a bit more ADD this year, so in celebration of my briefer attention span, my post this year is less verbose and more snippets.  What a wild ride this year was!


new years day in india with my awesome wife.

black spots in toe-nails for a month

Visiting with and praying for families in mumbai.  nalosapora. pastor abraham's village.

riding atop a truck, up and down the mountain.



lisfranc dislocation fracture.

10 weeks on crutches.  with ice.


what does being "relational" look like, anyways?

kane kaiser.

St. Joe meet: argument and turning point

districts.  regionals. one match away.

broken camera.

team leader

teaching misssions class.

Broken TV and an extra power supply board.


new bike for boo.

looking for medicene at 2AM in fulton on anniversary.

nepal. twice.

the spiritual Eisenhower of Nepal.

taking my son to nepal.

Switching to Benettis and cafe breve

sharing christ to bikash with Daniel in pokhara

class 4-5 white water rafting the upper seti, in the himilayas, at the start of monsoon season

swim season

Rising early. Driving with coffee.

first massage ever.

B2 stealth bomber messed up Daniel's race

Galaxy tab no more

Cooking with the kids.

new roof from state farm.

zen body therapy

grandma chambers passed away. 

okc visit.

grandma's sister is awesome.

built front porch roof.  with friends and the kids.

elisa can cut a board.


KJV research and teaching

decompression therapy

communication, compassion, understanding

learning the importance of fathers.

Hogpound brown and friends at McCoys

daniel framing

bike wreck with SUV.

Stupid Conan.

master cleanse

Ren Fest

backpacking with all the kids


diving in the freezing cold rocky falls

Best. Etoufee. Ever.

marital growth

teaching electrical to daniel and adrian

the entmoot.

Judo practices.

3rd BB for the year.

taking over security team.

Lots of Langley overnights

Thanksgiving in Branson

Running 6 miles in the Ozark Mountains

Praising God for healing

Crazy marriage counselling.

Wrestling practice at Raytown

kidney stone and car wreck

Elisa's violin performance with Joe

i hate mudding

listening to the girls plot their room upgrades

finishing the bedroom

Crazy christmas eve service

Relaxing Christmas even and Christmas day

teaching Paul how to build a better capp

rock band 3!

family time


 And for the coming year: the big question is, where the Mayans right?  Well I've got other, smaller question too, and a few things noteworthy of celebration to look forward to.


Justin and Rachel!

New Orleans!

Another Neitzey?  Another Latore?

high school or home school?

Nepal for Daniel, again?

Orissa for me?

Romania for Li?

Branson half-Ironman 2012?

New car?

more teaching?

marriage ministry?



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