Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More drama

At about 50' from the door, a lady poked her head out from the building and shouted an anti-light rail message. I was already conversing with the ladies in front of me and they were visibly aghast. I commented to them that I'm pretty sure that was a felony. Then another lady came down the line from the front passing out pro-light rail pamphlets. A minute later, the first lady came outside with an election official to chase down the flyer lady. Assumably this was because of improper electioneering: being too close to the door. Several people noted the first ladies' hypocrisy in this.

The line inside is not being managed at all and people keep packing in. Our voting system is apparently fill-in-the-dot ballots, like the standardized tests. People are filling them out at tables, on furniture, at chairs- whereever they can. I'm about 30th in the L-R line and getting very, very hungry.


The Irascible Neufonzola said...

@#$@!#%@#$@# all L-R lines!

The L-R line at our location was 3 times as long as the LONGEST of the other three lines, and the E-K line usually had no more than 1-3 people in it.

Word Verification: lestion. Think about that.

Gina said...

The L-R line wasn't that bad when I went, only about 5 people ahead of me. It was the S-Z line that had like 30-40 people in it. Whew! Must be a lot of Smiths around here.

The Unabashed Blogger said...

No waiting for Murphys...