Saturday, December 15, 2007

Something stinks at City Hall...

If you've been following local politics in KC (and as bad as the Cheifs were again this year, who hasn't!) then you may know the this week the Mayor announced he would rid us of the ever-corrupt, self important, law ignoring fat head from Denver. But the City council had other plans and now the gloves are off. Apparently so is the Council abiding by the charter. The KC Star merely hints at the illegality by soft pedalling the undisputable fact the Council can not do what they did. Ugh... what hope is there for this City? Only Christ can save it!

Since I found out all of the latest news at about 4PM yesterday, I spent the entire evening fuming in anger. I couldn't concentrate on anything around me- I had to take action! So about midnight I whipped up this little note and emailed it to the Mayor and the 6th District, law-breaking council members that I voted for...

Mr. Mayor-
I would like to thank you for taking the stand you have and sticking to your guns. When my wife and I voted for you, we were voting for change. My personal hopes were specifically that those changes would include removing Cauthen and hiring a competent and law-abiding professional who viewed themselves as a true servant. Those traits are all counter to what we have now and I thank you for taking action to make a change! I hope also that those changes would include close scrutiny of Council members to make sure that the numerous rumors of corruption are not true and to prosecute the ones that are true.
To my council members- shame on you! If the City charter states that only the Mayor can propose a contract for the position of City Manager then the council has broken the law and you have been a party to it. We voted for both of you because we felt you would truly take action to make improvements to the south-land after we have suffered from the incompetence of Brooks and Eddy (and them botching the Bass Pro deal) but we also expected that this would be according to the law and by good decision making. Making improvements by any means necessary is not the right way and they will not be blessed, they will not last. Improvements made by sacrificing the future will not do any real good and future generations will only curse you heaping up piles of debt (as Cauthen has already done) and being otherwise fiscally irresponsible. Government leaders who break the law in the exercise of government are no more than petty despots.
This is truly ridiculous. This is not student council- it’s grown up time, so act like it. This City cannot begin healing ( without following it’s own law. If the governors do not follow the laws set by the people, why should the people follow those governors? How do you explain this hypocrisy to urban youth when trying to encourage them to stay in school and otherwise follow the law? If you are not familiar with our charter, here is the section relevant for this topic:
Part I: Charter of the City of Kansas City, Missouri: Article II: Division 2: Part 3: City Manager: Sec 218- City Manager
(b) Appointment. The Mayor and Council shall jointly conduct a search or recruitment for a City Manager upon terms agreed upon by the Mayor and Council. Upon completion of this process the Mayor shall be responsible for submitting a resolution to the Council for the appointment of a City Manager. If an appointment is not approved, the Mayor may submit another person for consideration, or may ask that a search or recruitment process begin anew.
That seems pretty simple to me. It is the Mayor’s job to submit this resolution, not Ed Ford’s or yours. It is your job to follow the law. Whether you support Cauthen or not, you should have publicly and sharply rebuked Mr. Ford for his contempt of the people.
I am so incensed by this violation that I am also contacting my state Representative and Senators. I do not know who the City is answerable to but I want to find out and make sure that someone is watching over all this. I will also be sending my opinion to as many citizens as I know and encouraging them to contact you.
Mr. Mayor- You have my support. If there is anything I can do as a citizen to support you in this please let me know!


Anonymous said...

Is this all you got. Two posts and you are tapped out.

Percussivity said...

He has an angry low grade fever.

The Angry Coder said...

"Is this all you got." Is that supposed to be a question? Last time I checked, questions end with question marks. So you made an imperative statement, but it is extremely malformed. Malformed syntax... gees I'd hate to see you write code!

Percussivity said...

Give in to your anger and you journey towards the dark side will be complete!