Saturday, December 29, 2007

Random Thoughts

It takes a really long time to copy 250 GB.

Bacon, fried eggs and perfectly toasted whole grained bread slathered in butter has to be the best breakfast ever made. Maybe add some biscuits and gravy.

When men live in the house, one should not store books on the floor next to the toilet.

Legos are friggin awesome! Yesterday my son and I completed building the Lego King's Castle. I'm amazed at the detail they have. Friggin awesome.

Civilization IV by Sid Meier has to be the most complex game ever made and I am totally addicted to it right now. Maybe the Age of Empires III Asian Dynasties expansion will break the spell. We'll find out if my 250GB ever gets copied.

I should probably read more books. My wife has been reading classics like I've been gaming and she's starting to get smarter than me.

Non-coffee people should not give coffee as a gift. It's not like I have a superdiscerning pallet that can detect all 137 variation in the coffee gene. But I can taste... at all. You know, the four basic flavor. Well they should aknowledge a new flavor: suck. That would be the main ingredient of this raspberry flavored and hazelnut flavored coffee we got for Christmas from well intentioned n00bs. There are two little pouches of these beans inside the same bag and it made me gag when I sniffed it. Can't wait to try that...

One of my coworkers brews Maxwell house about 3 feet away from me. It smells like he's cooking Worchestershire sauce. I usually have to go talk a walk for about five minutes for the stink to clear out.

Well now, that 250 GB is almost done. Soon I'll be rebuilding my main PC and scrapping the 64 bit Windows XP. There was really no point to that and it was constantly frustrating. I'm not going to Vista as I haven't heard anything good about it yet. Once it's rebuilt, I'll have a full 750GB of space for all that... uhm, media... that I'm storing. I'll probly update the BIOS and give CrossFire another shot since I've still got a second card sitting here. Last time it made my box bluescreen! Thanks HP, for putting four PCIe slots on this board and NOT supporting CrossFire, even though the OS, chipset, board and video card all do. How the crap did they mess that one up???


Percussivity said...

Maxwell House... almost but not quite entirely unlike coffee.

(Of course if you had read the ingenius Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy series by now instead of playing video games all the time you would have recognized that slightly adapted but very funny quote from one of our 'modern' classics.)

Anonymous said...

Who are you kiddin'? Your wife is way smarter than you. Maybe she had one lapse in intellectual superiority. She said, "I do" while you were standing next to her with a shiny ring. But, ah, the power of love.

Gina said...

LOL...if you knew what kind of car he was driving at the time and how much the ring was worth, you would realize that they had nothing to do with my decision to marry the love of my life. God made me do it and all things work together for good to them that love's been VERY good! But, thanks for the props.