Monday, November 8, 2010

Into the belly of the beast

The courtroom is all about humiliation. First you are assigned a number, then a seat whereupon a large placard with your number is placed. I am a person, dammit! I will not be... Enumerated? Nmberfied? Once I took my seat, I realized my feet didn't touch the ground. These seats are oversized for Anakims reaching heights of at *least* six foot. Clearly this was designed to make me feel like a child. And so the psychological breakdown continued for the judge sits aloft, looking down on the nameless children. Oh and it gets worse: the judge is a woman. A female judge?! And the lawyers? Also females! The plantiff? Woman. And the defedant? Egads! Another woman! Its as though I walked onto the set of The View. I must go back, after a salad at Quiznos, and a suprise lunch with an old friend from KCBT, for what I expect to be more psychological abuse.


Gina said...

Did anyone break down and cry?
And with whom did you eat lunch?

Percussivity said...

A surprise about which you know ahead of time is no surprise at all... or did you mean that the food variant was going to be the surprise?

The Irascible Neufonzola said...

There once was a midgety jurist
When it came to chair sizes, a purist
Surrounded by wenches
Of the judicial benches
He wandered off to lunch like a tourist.

Percussivity said...

This all comes of women's suffrage.