Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blog is dead

Well, not quite dead. But my blog sure hasn't had much to say lately, either! I've been very busy and very tired. That tends to un-inspire me and I don't write if I don't have anything inspiring to write about.

There were a couple of posts that I almost wrote, but I got bogged down by the shear weight of it all. First was some excerpts from Thomas Paine's writing on The Rights Of Man. There's a lot of good thoughts in that book and the first really good explanation I've read on the topic of natural rights. It's very enlightening. I have numerous lines highlighted that I intend to post.

Next I was going to post on some Bible teaching related to the creation of the universe and it's forecasted end- God's ultimate plan for the universe and how we fit into it. I actually started writing this. I even busted out my college Physics and Thermodynamics textbooks and Shepherd's School materials.

In both cases, I realized that a single post would be totally overwhelming and not get read. Especially not by the Unabashed word-avoider. So I've decided to do a running series of short, focused posts for both of these topics. Well, someday. Maybe after I post pics of my finished bathroom.


A Pilgrim's Porridge said...

I like that. I've missed you guys. I feel like I've been the only one posting recently.

The topics sound great and I am looking forward to reading your installments.

The Unabashed Blogger said...

I'm sorry, what was that? I didn't read it...

Actually, I feel the same way. There are many things I have been wanting to post but don't have time or the inclination to exert that much energy into writing. Good thing I don't get paid for this. Of course if I did I would probably 'git er done'.

I'm looking forward to the forecast.

A Pilgrim's Porridge said...

Actually, I think you do get paid. Don't act like there aren't stupid advertisements all over your page.

The Unabashed Blogger said...

But my friends don't make it their daily duty to click on one or two to help me with that money making process. So far, nada.