Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wind chill is a factor

We haven't had very much "ice biking" yet this winter, but there's been plenty of opportunity for really-freaking-cold biking. Fortunately today is a rest day for me, because the air temp right now is -1°. Assuming I could even get up to 20mph, like on a good downhill, that would have an wind chill factor of -23.3°! The coldest ride I've taken yet has been at 7°, which at 20mph has a wind chill factor of a mere -12.8°. My top half was fine on that ride, but from the waist down it got pretty cold. Time for some new gear!

Meanwhile, the City has opened a Community Center with an awesome gym right across from my work! I've been heading over there during lunch several times a week now. It's great to have a place so close.

These are my fitness goals/plans for the year:

1. Strength building: now thru March-ish.

2. Cycling base training: 6 weeks in hell. 25 mi / day, 6 days / week for six weeks.

3. Plyometrics training: never done this before. This sounds like new and wonderful forms of masochism. It develops quickness and power and will be good for hills. I will do upper and lower body. The ultimate goal will be to tackle another mountain. Any mountain will do but it has to be a "real" mountain, no fake Ozark mountains! Also, it will hopefully address shoulder issues that made swimming somewhat painful.

4. Endurance training: two to three months of stacking on high mileage rides with the ultimate goal of finishing a "century" ride- a 100 mile ride.

5. Compete in and beat my previous time for a sprint triathlon. All I need to do for this is learn how to swim for real!


A Pilgrim's Porridge said...

Be careful when riding in that cold weather. It is so easy to tear muscle or pull something when your muscles are cold.

I learned this lesson in high school. We use to take ice baths during track season. I remember someone taking one of these baths and upon getting out moved about too quickly and jacking up their hamstring.

Get that gear. Be warm.

Gina said...

Would you like the cold weather tights in black or pink? I was going to order the pink for you, but thought I might ask first. ;-)

And why wouldn't it accept my HTML code to change the color of the font?

Percussivity said...

He can have the pink for the tights as long as he wears black pants over them... then it will be his 'secret'.

Gina said...

I think I'll order these for you for the summer:

Maybe they'll help you feel a connection with your Scottish heritage.

The Angry Coder said...

If you ever get me a kilt for cultural purposes, make sure you get the right plaid, for the MacMurray clan. Otherwise, let's leave that kind of stuff for the bedroom :-P

Gina said...


The Irascible Neufonzola said...

"then it will be his 'secret'."

"Strong enough for a man"?

CurbDestroyer Chronicles said...

wait till it's 5 below