Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ron Paul throws support to Constitution Party

Republican presidential contender Ron Paul, who has maintained a groundswell of popular support from within and without the Republican party, has now publicly endorsed Chuck Baldwin and the Contstitution Party by stating that they will have his vote this November!

I firmly believe that the two main parties will have lower-than-ever turnouts this year and that all third parties and write-ins (including "Mickey Mouse") will have the strongest showing ever. There are a lot of thinking people out there who have broken away from the two-party joke and are really starting to influence others. But grass-roots change takes the longest to take hold and we are fighting a battle for minds against a well financed, experienced and savvy enemy in the form of the existing system, including their media outlets.

If the ranks of Ron Pauls supporters follow the reasoning and come to the same conclusions as Ron Paul, then this will really strengthen the CP. Ron Pauls supporters have been ardent, highly active and contributed a lot of money. That same drive and energy would bring a lot of momentum to the CP and could make a big difference.


Percussivity said...

I was very excited to hear the news myself. Of course as expected, the media basically ignored it. I wonder if they will be able to ignore it this November.

CurbDestroyer Chronicles said...

The Angry Coder said...

It's a bit heady but very interesting. I agree with the overall sentiment, as can be understood through the "best lizard" analogy. It's a bit conspiratorial, but I would agree that overall the two parties are in it together to maintain the status quo with all of it's pertinent business arrangements. I think the true cause of the diminishing of Liberty lies squarely on individual laziness, a desire to be dependant on others (ie- government) and the failure of Churches in particular to fulfill their God-ordained function in this world. That would require a much longer blog post to explain ;-)

CurbDestroyer Chronicles said...

I think the majority of this population is government reliant, and not self reliant.

Don't look to other for answers, find them yourself. God gave you (Well most of us) the tools to do so. Don't pray for it to happen, make it happen with the tools given to you.

But back to the point. Yes this is a reflection of our society. One example might be say you buy products from a store that you know buys thier products for places that employ slave labor . . . and then you wonder why bad things happen.